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"Construction"1-3, 2009
Beginning of Meeting with Foreign Business Leaders

HOME OF THE FUTURE IS FOR REAL (Construction 9 - 2007)


Without good roads, economy will never be successful (Construction 3-2007)

About magazine

Russian wide trade magazine "Construction"

official edition of Russian Builders Union was established by informational agency Novosti stroitelstva (Construction news). The magazine is run by creative leadership of Public editorial staff. The public editorial staff includes famous and respected professionals:
- Batalin, U.P., president of oil and gas Russian Union;
- Gnedovski, U.P., president of Russian Union of architects;
- Gornostaev A.V., deputy of Chairman of Moscow Region Government;
- Zabelin V.N., president of Russian Builders Union;
- Kruglik S.I., Director of Department of Construction and Housing and communal services of RF Minpromenergo;
- Kudriavzev A.P., President of Russian Academy of architecture and Construction Sciences;
- Shakkum M.L., Chair of RF State Duma Committee on industry, construction and high technologies.
Magazine is targeted to construction branch professionals of all levels, beginning from heads of small business, project organizations, architectural studios, private architects, investors and customers of construction production, including heads of construction and architectural departments, administrations of cities, regions, republics as well as heads of all levels administrations. Heads of Construction field of the country, Government subdivisions of Russia dealing with branch management are also readers of our magazine.
On media market - magazine Construction is widening niche where a number of other editions have been working. However unlike majority of that kind editions which - as a rule have either advertising or narrow specific character - magazine Construction is a serious analytical edition covering key thematic of entire industry, it is distinguished by its weighted position and a deep analysis of situation in construction complex of Russia.

Together with every number of magazine subscriber receives appendix Officially where official documents and documents projects are published for discussion.
Thematic insets are published periodically as magazine in magazine.

Appendix Officially

Officially appendix of Russian wide magazine Stroitelstvo (Construction) - is available only for magazine subscribers. Official documents are published there (including document projects), regulating activities of construction and housing and communal services of Russia.
Magazine subscribers regularly receive drafts of law discussed in State Duma as well as texts of approved laws, normative acts, regulatory and other materials required in architecture and construction practical work. In 2005 Russias technical regulation documents will be published in appendix.
Besides All-Russian documents there are published official materials from Construction Department, housing and communal services of Ministry of regional development, Federal agency on construction and housing and communal services, federal service on technological control and others.


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